I’ll be honest. I do writing ALL wrong. I write in several genres. I struggle to revise manuscripts after completing them. But I do write all the time. I love it. I love coming up with story ideas. I love crafting them into something cohesive. I love following a character down their chosen path. Over the years, I’ve pursued traditional publishing. I’ve had some bites but never reeled in a big fish agent. Or even a small fry agent. I published The Corpse Goddess in 2012 with a small press, but have since pulled that book for rebranding.

I’m also a recovering perfectionist and I think the whole querying process just exacerbates that condition! So, I’ve decided to publish my stories on Kindle Vella. You can check out my TikTok for details on why I’ve chosen this path, but basically I have dozens of novels just lying around on my computer and in my file cabinet. I’m not getting any younger and I’ve decided to revise them and publish on Vella. I never had visions of grandeur in my head. I never dreamed of hitting a bestseller list or being interviewed on NPR. I started writing because I love stories. I keep writing them because I love it. For me, publishing is a way to check the box on a story and move on to the next one. Leaving them lying around means they stick in my mind and don’t let me go. Publishing is my attempt to exorcise those little book demons and move on to the next thing! It’s completely selfish and I’ll let you know if it’s effective in the end…

Thanks for visiting! If you enjoy any of my stories, let me know!