I’m currently revising my WWII murder mystery. A murder in the 1st female company assigned to a combat theater threatens the entire American war effort in North Africa! See below for a teaser…

February 1943. Algiers is the base of operations for Supreme Commander Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Allied Force Headquarters in North Africa. Dottie Lincoln, the protagonist in my historical mystery, is a newly minted squad leader in the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps.

After being abandoned by her abusive husband and losing her daughter, Dottie has found a home in the WAAC. Being a female soldier in a man’s world is no easy task, but Dottie is determined to prove to herself that she is strong enough to be a good soldier. When a WAAC is murdered, she risks everything to protect the women in her squad and find the killer.

With battles raging in Tunisia to the east, the army allows only three days for Military Police investigator Captain Devlin to solve the crime. In a city rife with black marketeers and enemy agents, Dottie and Captain Devlin hunt their killer through the crooked, dirty streets of Algiers and uncover a conspiracy that threatens the entire American war effort in North Africa.