Thanks for visiting my website. My current Work in Progress is tentatively titled, A Duty to Die. See below for a short blurb about the book…

February 1943, Algiers, North Africa.

After her husband beat her, left her for dead and took their daughter back to the Fatherland, Dottie Lincoln was left destitute and powerless. She joins the army and finds a family of women, all struggling to make their way in a man’s world. Her company is the first group of American women assigned to a combat theater and Dottie is determined to do everything she can to help win the war. Working long hours in the personnel section, Dottie spends her days moving men and materials to the front, and her nights attending mandatory dances to boost the morale of the men.

But when a fellow squad member is murdered, her newfound freedom is at risk. Dottie is accused of being a German spy. She must find the killer, prove her innocence and stop a conspiracy that threatens the entire American war effort—before she becomes the next victim.

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