Me & my grandpa at Stonehenge circa 1974

My Dad was a fighter pilot. I grew up traveling the world and it left me with a lifelong passion for exploration. There is nothing I love more than exploring old castles, walking through the streets of strange cities, and even wandering through ancient graveyards. I was lucky enough to go to a German school in Hörstel, which left me with an interest in languages. The first time I read Edgar Allan Poe was in German.

My Mom says I wrote my first poem when I was six years old. I wrote my first romance in third grade. I haven’t been able to stop writing since! I love all forms of literature. Words make the world make sense.

Today I live in sunny south Texas with my husband, my son and his amped up, cuddle-bug pitbull, my über-anxious German Shepherd, and a blind dachshund with dementia. My daughter is an engineering student at Texas Tech. She’s wicked smart and funny as hell and I miss her every day.