Hi readers!

I’m a writer with genre commitment issues. I write everything from romance to horror. I wrote my first poem when I was six years old and won a school contest. I’ve been hooked ever since! 

I’ve written countless romance novels, a few horror stories, lots of YA fantasy, some half-finished sci-fi, and a WWII murder mystery. I love it all! If it’s in print, I’m a fan. I seriously love all genres. 

Over the years, I’ve had many nice rejections from agents, but never got ‘the call’. I published one novel with a small press ten years ago and am now sitting here with a pile of manuscripts on my hard drive and no books out in the world. I just celebrated my 54th birthday. (Watch out! Old age really creeps up on you!) Time is running short, so I’ve decided to publish some of my work on Kindle Vella. Maybe one of my stories will make somebody smile. Follow me on TikTok for up to date info on what I’m working on….happy reading!

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